Dear Friends

Again with relief, our Alert Level changes are heading in the right direction again.

From this last round of Alert Level 2 and 2.5 we know that Contact Tracing is very important. Make sure your building has its own COVID Tracing QR code and make sure you keep Contact Tracing even at Alert Level 1! We know that if you get COVID-19 the health officials will want to trace your contacts from around five days before you noticed symptoms.

Did you know?

You can have your own QR Poster at home. This is useful if you often receive visitors. Create your own poster using the instructions from

You can order a NZ COVID Tracer booklet if you can't use the smartphone Contact Tracer app. Available to print and in many languages. Twenty years from now it may even be a collectors item!

Our plan shows where we may differ from our CV partner churches. Look for the red/yellow marks through the Alert Level charts. Inform Trudy if you know of more differences!

You can print mini QR Posters to stick on the back of chairs in the chapel. Lets face it - we often forget to scan codes at the door, and then are to embarrassed to stand up and go scan the code! Take a print screen of your QR code and shrink it. You should be able to fit six or maybe more onto an A4 piece of paper.

Our editable Play it Safe Posters have been updated for Alert Levels 1 and 2. Check out all the new download files!

These are not the easiest of times. When in doubt, breath in, breath out, pray and repeat.

Let us enjoy the upcoming changes for our services at our reduced Alert Levels.

Yours in peace, grace and singing the roof down (safely) at Alert Level 1


Rev David Bush

General Secretary