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Property, Liability and Our Standard of Care
15 June 2021 6pm

This webinar explores with  Wendy Anderson and Trudy Downes why we do what we do for
the Methodist Connexional Property Committee, Liability Insurance and Caring for Our People.
Learn how alarm systems can save money!

Further information from the topics discussed is available from:

Strategic Plans  To be arranged
Land Stories Bricks and Mortar - Section 8, page 66
Asbestos Management Bricks and Mortar - Section 6, page 52
Monitored Alarms Bricks and Mortar - pages 46, 47, 80
Liability Cover Bricks and Mortar - Section 5, page 41
Incident Reporting Caring for Our People - Guidelines and forms
Parish Council Responsibilities
(and all committees, boards, trusts etc)
Officer's due diligence. Please note:
Volunteer chair-people/ committee members have a due diligence duty but will not commit an offence if they fail to meet it.

Property and Insurance Resources  
Caring for Our People Resources  
Please contact Wendy or Trudy if you have any further questions.

Wendy Anderson

Trudy Downes

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