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Signing of the Anglican Methodist Covenant

John Bluck Sermon

24 May 2009

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Anglican Methodist Covenant Liturgy

A liturgy to mark the signing of the Anglican Methodist Covenant on 24 May 2009 in Mangere has been completed. It has been adapted for use by Methodist and Anglican Churches in local settings. It is a liturgy to affirm the signing of the covenant. Methodists congregations are encouraged to work with their Anglican neighbours to affirm the covenant. The liturgy is a basis to work from to do this. You can give the liturgy your own local expression. We hope you will find the liturgy to be of some assistance to you. Of course you can affirm the covenant at any time, local events do not need to take place on 24 May.

Please remember and pray for the signing event at Mangere on 24 May which is Wesley Day.

Grace and peace.

John H Roberts

Methodist Mission and Ecumenical

22A Penney Avenue

Mt Roskill

Auckland 1041

New Zealand

Phone: 649-6266130

Fax: 649-6266137


Covenant Signing Service [187 Kb]

Dear Methodist Connexion,

Last year both the General Synod of the Anglican Church and the Conference of the Methodist Church approved a document bringing the two churches into a covenant relationship. The Dialogue Group which drafted the covenant is organising an event to celebrate the covenant which will include signing of the covenant document by leaders of both churches. This will take place in Mangere, Auckland on 24 May 2009, which is Wesley Day for Methodists. A flyer for that event is attached in both PDF and WORD formats. Also attached is a copy of the covenant in PDF leaflet form. The church encourages parishes and congregations in the greater Auckland area to support this event. Please promote it in your congregations. You could organise for groups to travel together, cutting down on multiple vehicle use.

For parishes outside Auckland we are suggesting it would be good if regional or local events could be organised involving Anglicans and Methodists to affirm the signing of the covenant by the leaders of both churches. These do not have to take place on 24 May, they could be held later. A liturgy for the national event at Mangere is being prepared. When completed it will be modified for use in regional or local settings. You will be advised when this is available and it will be posted on the Methodist church website

Rev Jill van de Geer


Methodist Church of New Zealand

Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa

Anglican Methodist Covenant Leaflet [172 Kb]

Anglican Methodist Covenant Flyer [105 Kb]