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"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."
Matthew 5:17-48

Our service of worship for the second Sunday in Lent, 12 March 2017
led by Rev Lionel Nunns

 Psalm 121 begins "I lift my eyes to the hills ... " and it was on a hill that Jesus gave
 his Sermon on the Mount and dealt with the matter of the law. (see above) What
 does Jesus mean?  Brian McLaren's book explains that rather than being
 mindlessly compliant or angrily defiant of the law, there is a third way - to look for
 the highest intent of the law and to act on that.  So, Jesus says, before one gets to
 the point of killing someone, taking revenge or commiting adultery, do all you can
 to restore a right relationship with the person

 Enid's sister, Fay, joined us this morning having just celebrated her 70 birthday.
 We sang Happy Birthday to her and to Hamish - who was in Wellington Harbour
 sailing in the 420 regatta. Meg reported that her Dad was flying home this
 afternoon and Michelle told of how DCM's dental service had been able to help
 a seriously ill man, thanks to Marion and a young volunteer dentist.

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Our service and Holy Communion for the first Sunday in Lent,
Sunday 5 March 2017
led by Rev Lionel Nunns

 The banner on the left hangs in our church. It depicts the road to Calvary but in
 a Ngaio setting - our hills, our sea and sky.  Lionel began the season by reading
 Chapter 27 of Brian McLaren's book 'We make the road by walking'. He asked
 'Who do we want to be?' In a world which promotes individualism, looking after
 yourself, putting down the competition, he proposed choosing a new kind of hero.

 Lionel  had enjoyed attending Merge youth group on Saturday night, particularly
 the practice of giving each other kudos for good things they had done. We 
 noted Ruth and Helen's birthdays and sang to David. It was great to see Enid
 and Win back at church looking much recovered.

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Mountain Mystery
Our service for Sunday, 26 February led by Sue Brown
Matthew 17:1-9

 The transfiguration: that strange event on a mountain side when Jesus was transformed in shining light, his face aglow.  Things in our
 world transform - like the monarch butterfly caterpillar we watched turn into a chryslis and then into a butterfly. They are wonderful events.
 For the disciples, seeing Jesus side by side with Moses and Elijah, hearing God saying they should listen to him, was to see Jesus in a
 wholly different and deeoly significant way.  We too have our mountain side moments, sometimes seeing the wonderful view, sometimes
 experiencing the cloud. Sometimes on a peak, at others in a valley. Do we like Peter, want to stay in the moment and the past or do we
 see the possibilities provided by the view? When we are in a cloud or a valley, do we listen to God, and Jesus' instruction to not be

 We congratulated Sue and Geoff who did the Tongariro Crossing last week, and they are also going to be grandparents again in July. We
 celebrated Rhonda's and George's birthdays. Rhonda has been asked to
 contribute to an exhibition at St  Peter's based on work by Shirley
 Murray.  Graham reminded us of the death of John Murray and also that
 Enid was back home after surgery. Margaret had driven on the new
 expressway a project Geoff spent 5 years working on

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      Our service for the 7th Sunday after Epiphany, Sunday 19 February 2017
ed by Graham Millar
Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18

    Leviticus is a book of religious laws, with Chapter 19 dealing in Holiness. This reading sets out what one needs to do to stay holy.  Later
    Jesus would explain that it is not the outward adherance to laws that makes one holy, but what is on the inside that count.  We prayed:

Sisters, brothers, take your time, go slowly
Listen deep within yourself.
All of life is holy. All of lif is holy.

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 Our service for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
29 January 2017

 'So we're together again: praising God, catching up, assembling for
 another year'.  And what a happy noise and what a great feeling to be
 back in Ngaio Union after a month away. There was much to catch up 
 on.  Apart from Brexit, Trump and Aleppo, the most common three 
 words heard in conversation were 'Where's the summer!?'
 Lionel considered the reading from 1 Corinthians 1:18-31:
Corinth, a
 new city with a diverse population but with power vested in politicians
 and the military.  Christ's teachings, says Paul, turn this model on it's |
 head. Though others may see it as foolish, God's power is with those
 who believe, not the rich or wise. In this age of 'alternative truth' and Mr
 Trump, what voice will  we listen to?

 We celebrated Graham, Helen and Alan's birthdays and were visited by
 Janet and Jocelyn from Motueka and Bruce and Diane from Kilburnie.
 The Edwards family introduced Maurice their German exchange student
 and it was lovely to have Win with us again.  Kate has a job interview on
 Tuesday and Rhonda alerted us to a new minister at Trinity.

Notices for 29 January 2017

 Notices for 5 February 2017