held in the Church on the 17th March 2013 at 10.00am

PRESENT: Alofa Asiata, Selesele Asiata, Michael Kemp, Christine Kemp, Carol Boyett-Schultz, Bevin Boyett-Schultz, Joe Vuidravuwalu,
Sarote Vuidravuwalu, Joy Haigh, Don Robinson, Tom Gray, Freda Brooks, Jack Brooks, Elaine Phillips, Pam Robinson, Leah Coombes, Pat
Jones, Nola Walker, Deirdre McAulay, Rob & Marie Billings, Lianni & Kiara Billings, Anthony Hewitt, Gloria Hewitt (10.30am)

APOLOGIES: Betty Clark, Allyson McAulay, Ria Schipper, Lynn Rangi, Elizabeth Dawson, Gwenda Austen, Margaret & Ian Brown, Ian
Jones Alofa / Bevin

MINUTES AGM 2012: Moved the minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th March 2012 having been circulated prior to the meeting,
were taken as read & confirmed. Bevin / Christin

Tom spoke about the Church Bell asking the congregation what we should do. He was then asked for suggestions, Tom mentioned that the Church is due for painting soon so perhaps while the scaffolding is here would be an opportune time to look at it. The problem is the corrosion – painters made us aware. Bevin listed options; reclad the steeple, replace with electronics, electronic bell and push button inside. Suggestion of cherry picker. Given the cost of access we should do it once and do it right.


Senior Parish Councilor's Report Christine Kemp / Joy Haigh
Ministers Report Alofa Asiata / Leah Coombes
Kids Church Annual Report Christine Kemp / Carol Boyett-Schultz
Property Report Tom Gray / Freda Brooks
Music & Movement Joy Haigh / Bevin Boyett-Schultz
Schultz Trust Report Bevin Boyett-Schultz / Christine Kemp


Marie read & explained her report which was copied and given out to all in attendance. Christine asked why rates and insurance had reduced, this is because Hayward Road is now paid out of the Trust Account. Bevin asked whether we can reduce the deficit but Marie has said there are no fixed expenses that we can reduce at this stage and our income is too low. Look to a better year for the garage sale and increase in offerings.
Schultz Account – 2012 has shown a large expense with the setting up of the office and renovations to the Parsonage.
Financial Position – Marie explained that most of the investments have increased as the interest gets reinvested.
Bevin moved that Maries report be accepted – said what a great report it was. Bevin Boyett-Schultz / Christine Kemp

Current members: Anthony Hewitt, Gloria Hewitt, Bevin Boyett-Schultz, Carol Boyett-Schultz, Christine Kemp, Michael Kemp, Betty Clark, Tom Gray, Allyson McAulay, Leah Coombes.
Retiring by rotation: Betty Clark
Betty Clark has been re-elected. Alofa moved this be accepted, all carried.


Joy has suggestions to boost our finances:
Variety Concert – we have plenty of talent in the church and community. Music, singing, comedy, drama etc.
Trivia night
Calendar – with photos of Church activities throughout the year.
Novelty raffles – Carnival.
Anthony apologised for their lateness and discussed the office situation.
Anthony moved a motion that last year's motion about the office be rescinded. Anthony Hewitt / Bevin Boyett-Schultz

Anthony put a motion that 2012 motion concerning the existing temporary office arrangement continue for the foreseeable future.
Anthony Hewitt / Michael KempNola asked does the Church have a Constitution? Alofa said yes we do but perhaps it is time to relook at it.

Anthony mentioned UCANZ. Nola mentioned the fact that she felt Council should be re-elected each year. The Constitution will be discussed at the next Parish Council Meeting.

Meeting closed with communion 11.04am

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