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Tongan Congregation

Our regular Sunday Services in English are held at Melville Church, Bader Street at 10 a.m.

Please note
that both St Paul's and Melville congregations are now combined at this site.

The regular Sunday Services of the Tongan Congregation are held at St Paul's Centre, London Street at 1.00 p.m.

    Tongan Congregation Events.       


     White Sunday:  This occurred on the first Sunday in May.  The Sunday School children led the service with singing and action songs.  The Kindergarten children showed the colours of the rainbow, and explained what each colour represented to  them.  This led to showing respect and manners in their  lives.  Their section of the service ended with a prayer.  Then the older children performed a dramatic action song portraying the life of Luke, and this was followed by a tribute to their Mothers for Mother Day.

       Mothers' Day:  This special day was observed on the second Sunday in May.  Special recognition of the importance of mothers to the children was shown with appropriate Bible readings and a special song and action song to show appreciation for mothers.  Tributes to mothers who had passed away were also presented in song.  

       Fathers' Day:   Fathers were also honoured on their special day on the following Sunday.

       Leaders' Committee:  Leaders in the Tongan Congregation have formed a Committee whose aim is to discuss future goals for the Church and how to achieve them.  This committee will meet during the last week of each month at the Melville Church.


Now here are some photographs of recent events and groups among the Tongan fellowship.