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Our regular Sunday Services in English are held at Melville Church, Bader Street at 10 a.m.

Please note
that both St Paul's and Melville congregations are now combined at this site.

The regular Sunday Services of the Tongan Congregation are held at St Paul's Centre, London Street at 1.00 p.m.

What's Happening in the Hamilton Parish?
Interesting events are listed below.  You're welcome to browse a while.


Special Occasions.  19 February, 2017.

        We have a great sense of family in our congregation, and we like to mark special family occasions..  One of our habits is to sing "Happy Birthday" when these events come round.  Yesterday it was Wayne's turn to be greeted.  But more than that, it was the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary of Nancy and Rob.  That was really special, as they chose to renew their Marriage Vows in the morning Service.  To make it even more special, they invited Rev. Dr. Susan Thompson, a previous minister of the Parish, to conduct the service.

          Here are a few photos of the ceremony.

  Susan addressing the congregation.                                   Now she addresses the couple on what they       

                                                                                                           are about to do.

They renew their vows of love and commitment to each other,


Then all join with them in a prayer, following the words on the screen.

        Then followed Morning Tea and the cutting of the cake.    So ended a happy morning of celebration.


In loving memory.....

        It is with sadness that we report the death of one of our faithful members, Betty Brown.   Through many years she has been here, always quietly supporting Bill in his times of need and support.  We know he will be missing her, and we will miss her too from among our number week by week.  But we trust her to our heavenly Father's care in the greater life she has now moved into.  And we extend to her husband Bill and the members of their family our loving sympathy in this, their time of loss and sadness.


"In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me."


Thanksgiving Sunday.

        In life we experience constant change.  It has many ups and downs, and we learn to accept what comes, sometimes with happiness, sometimes with sadness, sometimes joyfully, sometimes with fortitude and courage.

        So it is that on this page we have just depicted a happy celebration with Rob & Nancy, followed by a very sad occasion with the loss of Betty, and now I am moving on to a recognition of our Thanksgiving.

         One of our members, David has just been on an enjoyable holiday trip to England, and he returned with gifts to our Minister Metui and his wife Hone.  They are so colourful and bright, that I couldn't resist showing them off.  We welcome David back, and it is appropriate that he and his wife Eva could share their happiness with us on this Thanksgiving day.



Palm Sunday 

9 April, 2017

         Our Church was full when we celebrated Palm Sunday this year.  It's great to see such a crowd come to worship and observe the lead-up to Easter, the most significant date in the Church Calendar.  This week, known as Holy Week, gives us time to remember the events that led to the death on Good Friday, and the resurrection on Easter Day of our Lord Jesus.  It's a time of sombre reflection, but it begins with the festival of the entry to Jerusalem in a celebratory mood, with cheering crowds, and the waving of Palm branches.  So our children entered the Church waving their palm branches and singing Hosanna.


"Hosanna in the highest!"

       Now here is our Minister talking to the children, with one eager little fellow on his knee