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Tongan Congregation

Our regular Sunday Services in English are held at Melville Church, Bader Street at 10 a.m.

Please note
that both St Paul's and Melville congregations are now combined at this site.

The regular Sunday Services of the Tongan Congregation are held at St Paul's Centre, London Street at 1.00 p.m.

What's Happening in the Hamilton Parish?
Interesting events are listed below.  You're welcome to browse a while.

Sunday 2 July 2017.

       It's Rainbow Kids' Time.  Our Minister, Rev. Metui talks to the children about an important theme, when they learn about making people feel they are wanted here.  No matter where they come from, or what colour they are, all are welcome here.  So their key word is   "Welcome".












Matariki.  25 June, 2017.

The children learn about  the stars and seasons as part of God's Creation.


Pentecost Sunday,  4th June, 2017.

        Pentecost is the time when we recognise the birthday of the Christian Church, and we marked this with a Service focussing on this theme.  This week it was our privilege to welcome back Mrs Mohu Lolohea to lead our worship.  Mohu was a regular worshipper with us at St Paul's just prior to our two congregations being combined at Melville.   But then she moved away for a time involved in some theological training.  So we were very pleased to have her back with us this week.  These photographs show her talking to our children, using a small kite to illustrate the power of the wind to make the kite fly, and from that to explain the power of the Holy Spirit  in our lives.















Wesley Day, 21 May, 2017.

      Melville was host to a Waikato-Waiariki gathering to meet with the President of Conference, Rev. Prince Devanandan. The gathering began with a Service of Worship in the evening.  Various members and groups of our Rainbow Kids contributed portions of the Service, our little children in particular charming the congregation with their singing.   Rev Prince then addressed the congregation with a "heart-warming" and challenging address, following in the footsteps of John Wesley.  

     Following the Service, we gathered in the Hall for supper, and a time of fellowship and sharing.    It was good to catch up with friends from right round the District.  Here are some photographs.


Of course, we celebrate important occasions by sharing a meal together.


Here is our President with his wife. They are joined by our District Superintendent,  Rev. Dr. Susan Thompson


Now joined by our Parish Presbyter, Rev. Metuisela Tafuna and his wife, and then by a number of our Youth Group members.



Mother's Day, 14 May, 2017.

      This is an important day in the life of our congregation, because we are very much a family-oriented congregation.  Without our mothers, we wouldn't be here.  We wouldn't have all these children, the ones we call our Rainbow Kids, sitting in the front rows.  Here are a few photos of them honouring their mothers with special songs on this morning. 


I'm sure the mothers were feeling proud of their young ones performing so well for them.  Look at the smiles on their faces, when we gathered all the ladies to the front to take a picture or two of them to recall this special day of celebration.