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We are a local group of Christians who love God, each other, and those whom we are privileged to reach out to.

We provide a variety of worship services.
Our Wednesday 10:00am and Sunday 8:00am Communion services are traditional, with alternate weeks following Anglican and Methodist liturgies.
Our Sunday 10:00am services could loosely be described as evangelical-charismatic. No matter when you attend, you will find we share a fundamental belief that the Bible is the Word of God, and that the Holy Spirit is the One who reveals the truths contained in scripture.

We like to think we are a very friendly people, who unreservedly welcome visitors into our family. If you're new to the parish, or are seeking a church to visit, we'd delight in being tested on our self-image. More importantly, we'd love to have the opportunity to bless you, and for you bless us, through our fellowshipping together.