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Lay Ministry Team

The Lay Ministry Team is called from within the congregation.  There is an understanding that within the congregation there are people resources and the authority to put in place necessary ministry through a Lay Team.

In appropriate circumstances Presbyterian and Methodist congregations are able to request that specific individuals be authorised to administer the sacraments in settings where ministry is carried out by a Lay Team.

Bay of Islands have five Coordinators in their Ministry Team - each has a specific job description and each is covenanted to work specifically in these areas:
     *  Worship
     *  Pastoral Care
     *  Administration
     *  Community Outreach
     *  Social Fellowship

To call the Team, the full membership of the congregation will meet with a national or district facilitator for a major calling commission in which the various roles of ministry are finalised and grouped into job descriptions.  Members then vote in secret for the people they feel should fill each position.  These votes are not counted but are dedicated and later examined by the national or district leadership, and individuals are sent letters inviting them to accept a call to specific ministries.  This calling letter states the job description, the expectations of the position and offers educational and other support, including an offer that all other positions held by the called person should be subject to review.

Experience in our Parish again and again confirms that when the call comes in this way people will take it more seriously and prayerfully than if they are simply co-opted or appointed in the traditional fashion or even if they volunteer.

We encourage individual coordinators to take as much initiative in their work as possible but they consult regularly in the (monthly) team meeting.  Usually they report briefly on what they have done and intend to do and particularly on items in which they need some support or assistance.

Our Parish has an Enabler who works with the Team, offers resources, provides educational opportunities in areas that the team identify as needing input.  The Enabler meets with the team on a regular basis.