The Methodist Connexional Office is located at:

Weteriana House
50 Langdons Road
Christchurch 8053

Postal address

PO Box 931, Christchurch 8140

T. (03) 366 6049   I. 0800 266 639

Please phone our main line (as above) and at the prompt either dial '0' to speak to Reception or enter an extension number. FOR A LIST OF EXTENSIONS CLICK HERE

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"Good Ground" The Parable of the Sower"

"Compassion in Action "The Parable of The Good Samaritan"

"God's Joy" "Dealing with Loss "Parables of Lost Things"

God's Joy II "Who/What Brings God's Joy?"

"Everything" "Parables of Hidden Treasure and Pearl of Great Price"

"In or Out" "Parable of the Great Supper"


Advent Series

1.  "Who Stole Christmas?"

2,  "What can I do for...?" The World's Expectations of Christmas"

3. "What does God require?" The Church's Expectations of Christmas

4. "All I want for Christmas"  Our Expectations of Christmas

5. (Christmas Day) "Discovering Jesus: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up"


Covenant Series

"A Better Country" Covenant Service Message

"Covenants - Introduction and Abraham"

"Down But Not Out"  God's Covenant with Noah

"A Pattern for Life"  God's Covenant with Moses

"Written on the Heart" The New Covenant

Harvest "A Covenant of Thanksgiving"


Faces of a Saviour Series

"Affirmed and Expelled" Man of the Desert

"Called to Serve" Jesus the Servant 

"Gathering the chicks" man of tears

"Man of Sorrows" the face of agony in the garden

"From the cross to the grave and from the grave to the sky" The Crucified and Resurrected Saviour

"A companion on the journey" The road to Emmaus

"The Recommissioner"


Revival Series

"When fire really fell"

"Revival:Blessing or Judgement?" How judgement can lead to renewal

"Renewal under father and son"

"Pentecost Ongoing"

"From Glory to Glory The before and After of Revival"

"Revival in the Making"

"Will Revival Come Again"


Proverbs for the Road Series

"To know wisdom"

"Get your priorities right:pay attention to wisdom"

"Apply wisdom from the inside out"

"Way to go wisdom"

"The lot of the Godly versus the ungodly"

"Godly users of deposits in the bank of time":

"Catching the right bus"

"Pearls of great price"

"Good people do make a difference"

From Change, Vision and the Future Series

Putting the Who in Vision

A Mandate for Change



"Where's Jesus"

"God is with you"

"Seat of Power"

"Visitors from heaven"

"In the Stars"

"Cradle or Cross or?"