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101 Biblical Story-telling [Rev Darryn Hickling] A unique way of getting inside a Bible story to help it come alive: not just for kids


108 Children's ministry [Linda Cowan, Liz Whitehead, Morven Sidal] Different practitioners bringing different perspectives on children's ministries


302 Ministering to the Elderly [Neti Petaia] Specialist ideas and possibilities shaping ministry to older people


412 Breakfast Church            [Liz Whitehead] What if church wasn't at 10:30am? What if we met for worship over brekkie? What if it involved adults and children? Hear how it works from those who have refined it over many years now...


413 Messy Church [TBC] An approach to intentional multi-generational that involves hands-on craft, Bible-based input...hugely successful in some Presbyterian Churches


414 Alternative Church [Rev Andrew Gamman, Carolyn Gamman] This alternative to church "Avenues" (Google it) has been running longer than any other kiwi is multi-generational, multi-sensory for a new generation, with the Gammans' offer of continuing resourcing.

415 Rest Home Services [Rev Alan Webster]  A guide for those beginning to take services in rest homes, retirement villages and hospitals


202 Connecting with your community [TBC] Every congregation is sited in a community: not every congregation connects. This workshop encourages blue-sky possibility dreaming, with very practical suggestions…


503 Being a better Parish Steward [Rev Jill van de Geer] In the often misunderstood role of parish steward Jill offers skills and insights that enables lay people support their local parishes and presbyters in today's environment


534 Church secretary training [TBC] Following on from the very successful treasurer training offered by the connexional office, we are pleased to be able to offer training for this vital role in church.


531 Church treasurer training [Connexional Office] Training for church treasurers in all aspects of church finance


506 Lay Preacher's courses   [Trinity College, and probably others] CLEAR offered Lead Worship as ministry training in 2015: we invite all interested potential leaders to contact us for mentoring arrangements and local help


203 Sharing Your Faith [Rev Alan K Webster] How could we share with our neighbours and friends? What might sharing my faith look like in today's world?


Youth Work [Michael LeManu, Siu Williams-Lemi] Want to talk about your youth presence? Want to be more youth friendly? Have questions about an existing or a proposed youth event? Talk to Siu..


505 Pastoral Care [Rev Dr Mary Caygill] Pastoral care is not just cups of tea..nor is it just listening to someone unload. Mary presents theology and practice it questions and perspectives that will energise and inform the pastoral work in your community


701 Prayer [Rev Alan K Webster] A systematic look at different kinds of prayer can expand your church's horizons: extempore, liturgical, healing and ministry prayer, prayers as worship and as expressions of connection…


702 Evangelism on a raw edge [Heather Gullery] One of our key lay evangelists, originator of the famous "Fire Parties", offers ministry on the edge, from her testimony and her ministry to people on the fringes. Heather provides not an opportunity for bringing people to hear the gospel, but also a model for your own evangelism.


207 Church Worship Music without an Instrument: MP3 for all [Rev Kathryn Walters] There are thousands of music files available that can be used to accompany congregational singing: if you have no piano players but have rudimentary computer skills, Kathryn can show you how to run a service completely resourced from a computer


901 Journalling [Rev Alan K Webster] A way of interacting with paper and painting media in the development of personal spirituality


902 Photographing Psalmically [Rev Alan K Webster] What if we were to bring together the thousands of photographs we take with our mobile phones and digital cameras with the Psalms that we use in our lectionary readings? This is what it could look like…


104 Basic PowerPoint [Rev Alan K Webster] If you are terrified of the new technology...have very few computer skills..and know that you need to start from absolute basic How To...this class is for you. It's with your laptop, a copy of MS PowerPoint, and a guarantee that by the end of the evening you will be able to put words from the internet or your MS Word files into a PowerPoint for your data projector.


204 Intermediate PowerPoint [Rev Alan K Webster] If you've done the basic course, or if you know your way around MS PowerPoint® a bit, and you'd like to step up to the next level, this covers two additional skills: putting music and soundtracks behind slides into your MS PowerPoint and inserting movies as YouTube clips. It's easy when you know how: but there are traps for newbies. Again, satisfaction guaranteed.


304 Advanced PowerPoint [TBC] There are newer and better and more sophisticated programmes for putting images and clips onscreen: and some of our churches, with more skilled operators, have moved to an even higher level. If you're game, so are we…


334 Parish Websites [Alec Utting] A website for your parish is an effective way of communicating with your community: this workshop is intended to make setting up and maintaining a church website second nature…


106 Rural Church experiences [Rev Paul Eden] There are particular challenges that your rural churches face that equip them for ministry in ways that can make a huge difference to our community. Paul has some unique and valuable insights to share with any leadership teams coming to an understanding of their calling.


107 Ministering in smaller Churches [Rev Mary Petersen] Mary has completed a thesis on effective small church ministry. Find out what makes small churches uniquely qualified for boutique community connections, and be encouraged!


309 Ecology and the Church [Rev Mark Gibson] The biggest challenge humankind faces in an industrial world is good stewardship of resources: Mark has studied extensively on how we can live Christianly in a wasteful and exploitative world.


 410 Communion for lay celebrants [Rev Marilyn Welch] Communion services: the theology, the choreography, the lexicons for the lay celebrant.


317 Conflict resolution [Ngaire Southon] Sometimes people just can't agree..and Ngaire teaches a well-tried tool, that of Edward de Bono's "hats" to enable people to appreciate different ways to approach problem solving and therefore understanding and, hopefully, communication


318 Boundaries [Rev Marilyn Welch] Poor inter-personal boundaries inevitably cause problems pastorally, relationally, congregationally...Marilyn provides tools to help understand what the problems are, and to prevent them.


319 Quiet Church [Rev Alan K Webster] what if church services were reflective, meditative, and even...quiet? This might provide your community with an alternative way forward for another way to minister in an increasingly fast-paced world


320 Art in Church [Janet Chambers]  Often we approach faith as a series of statements to test and accept or reject: Janet offers another way of appreciating the numinous, the transcendent and the indescribable through art. What might a service without words look like? What does art do that can't be done by any other medium? Why has art played such a huge role in the church's history, yet ended up so misunderstood today? Why do we ignore our artists so easily? This will inspire and provoke...


321 Sugar free eating [Delwyn McKenzie] An increasingly large proportion of our communities are more and more worried about the effects that sugar has upon us: Delwyn's hands-on workshop offers (tasty!) alternatives along with clear living advice

322 Sm
all Groups [Rev Alan K Webster] what are they all about, anyway? And how can I start one? Why should I start one? what do we actually do, in our small group? Some discussion starters from Alan...