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Workshop number four

"Clearing away words..another way to worship"

Leading a service of worship can be daunting for people who do not have the resources for presenting the models that we are all familiar with...the formal presentations of Biblical scholarship, the structured and beautifully crafted word-fests that have fed and nurtured so many of us for so long. I'm not knocking that: it's still my primary diet!

However, there are other models to complement and add to our spiritual nurturing.

This workshop is in a different mode from the previous offerings:

it will provide an experience, rather than instruction.

(Later in the year we will be doing something on alternative services, which will revisit some of this: and I am negotiating with a friend who does this monthly for an expansion of this idea...

so this is an initial introduction to multi-sensory worship..)

We will be repeating the workshop on both Tuesday evening and a Saturday afternoon, but this time I'd strongly recommend making the effort for the nighttime version (clue: we'll be using candles!)

Presenters: Rev Alan K Webster and Glenys Webster, SJOG pastoral carer

This will present, in as few spoken words as we can

worship experiences that will model things that you can do

This is for you to sample, taste, experience and find different ways of doing things to connect with each other and God

Once again, our aim is to resource you: each attendee will go away with a package of easily useable resources to run your own services,

and to begin another way of worship for your own context...

This will be a worship experience...a calm place in the middle of your week or weekend...and you are welcome to simply treat it as such...

7:30 – 9:30pm Tuesday 22nd


2:30 - 4:30pm Saturday 26to


St Marks Methodist Church

100 Barrington St


Now...about how CLEAR works:

We offer

identical workshops

in two timeslots

Tuesday evening 7:30 – 9:30 22nd July

repeated on

Saturday afternoon 2:30 – 4:30pm 26th July


St Marks Methodist Church, 100 Barrington St,CHRISTCHURCH

You're welcome to come to either or both:

if , for example, an advance party from your parish wanted to come Tuesday to dip a toe in and then come along again on Saturday enthused with a potential team, that's just fine.

However, the material will be repeated ( the discussion won't be!) with the idea that offering timing options helps both those who loathe evening winter meetings and/or Saturday time - both are equally catered for J

· We ask for a $10 donation from each person OR $20 per parish...a bargain like that you won't find again, anywhere!

· We believe a team is best

· We offer a certificate of attendance for all those who need it

· We promise a valuable time, supper, friendship and resourceful hope!

· We'd like you to let us know you're coming so that we can prepare resources for you

(ph (03) 420 1207; ; P O Box 12-227 Beckenham 8242)

· We look forward to meeting you!

Rev Alan K Webster


[Canterbury Lay Empowering And Resourcing]

Lay Ministry of Central South Island Synod of the Methodist Church of New Zealand te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa