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In March 2007, a partnership between Takapuna Methodist Church and LIFEWISE came to life when an appointment was made for the new role of ‘Community Development Worker’.

We celebrated our 3rd birthday with a morning tea after the morning service.

The role of the Community Development Worker:

· Supports the partnership between Takapuna Methodist Church and LIFEWISE

· Provides leadership in the area of community development

· Identifies, develops and progresses projects, strategies, and other initiatives that foster local community-owned and driven development

· Strengthens and/expands existing community projects and networks

· Contributes to LIFEWISE’s regional role in community development, social and public policy

Community Development Worker:

Rebecca Harrington

Rebecca is a North Shore resident who is passionate about helping communities become stronger, more supportive and inclusive. She works as the Community Development worker for LIFEWISE & Takapuna Methodist Church full-time, and is a part-time Masters of Social Work (Applied) student at Massey University. Rebecca took on the new role in March 2007 and is thoroughly enjoying the many experiences and challenges associated with the role.

Know Your Neighbours Project

After taking the time to learn more about what was happening on the North Shore, build relationships with the Parish, network with other community workers and organisations, and lots of listening, Rebecca, with the support of the Project Reference Group (made up of representatives from LIFEWISE and the Church) began to develop the ‘Know Your Neighbours Project’. The vision for the project is to see:

Supportive, inclusive, creative, healthy and connected neighbourhoods
with strong local leadership.

The project has two focuses: to ‘Raise Awareness’ of the benefits and importance of us knowing our neighbours, and to ‘Create local examples’ of streets where residents are connected and support each other.

The project is working in different areas on the North Shore at both a street level with residents and a wider neighbourhood level alongside various community centres. Many community workers and organisations have expressed their support and enthusiasm for the project as it is seen to help with a definite ‘need’ in the community.

Goals of the project:

· To raise awareness of the benefits and value of knowing our neighbours locally (North Shore), regionally (wider Auckland) and nationally;

· To strengthen capacity within neighbourhoods to respond to issues when or if they arise

· To increase connection and interaction between neighbours in specific areas on the North Shore

· To equip local leaders to be ‘catalysts of connection’ in their own communities of place

What it is...

Inclusive, positive, and preventative

Collaborative - works alongside Community Coordinators, Community Houses, Churches, and other organisations

Based on principles of Community Development

Looking through the eyes of ‘hope’

A work-in-progress

What it isn’t...

Focused on fixing problems

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

Looking through the eyes of ‘crime’

A set programme

Contact Details:

Feel free to contact Rebecca with any questions or comments.

Rebecca Harrington
Community Development Worker

Phone: (09) 489-4584
Address: PO Box 33 1013, Takapuna, North Shore 0740