NZ hymns to well known Tunes by

 Norman Brookes & Jan Chamberlin 

Title (Click for words) Tune First few lines
Advent and Christmas

1. Millennium Carol

German Folk Song
Away in a Manger

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed;
a long ago baby was born in a shed.
What possible meaning could this have for me,
a child of computers and technology?
2. Pohutukawa Promise Pohutukawa Promise Blossoms red along the seashore,
bathed in green, and standing tall,
is the great pohutukawa,
gnarled its branches, red its fall.

3. Christmas in Australia Wide, Wide Christmas in Australia:
much of the land is burned brown,
and bushfires can sweep across
the farm and the town.
4. Christmas in New Zealand Wide, Wide Christmas in New Zealand
comes with a summertime hue:
bright gold are the sunlit days
and seas clearest blue.

5. Celebrate This Birth
Lloyd Far off in ancient Israel
in royal David's town,
in stable bare, in straw bed there,
Mary her child laid down.

6. Gifts are a Sign Spean Giving for us is a true sign of Christmas,
gifts our response to the gift of God's Son.
Jesus the baby, born that first Christmas,
Jesus, Immanuel, God with us one.

7. Kauri, Flax and Rata Trees Kauri
Christ our Lord, be born anew,
shape our lives in all we do.
In this South Pacific land
let your peace and justice stand.

8. Once Upon a Winter Waltzing Matilda Once upon a winter, there was born a baby boy,
born in a stable and under a star.
Angels sang of his birth and gave the news to shepherd boys:
kings came to worship him from land afar.
Anniversaries and Celebrations

For the Rich Beauty


For the rich beauty of this place,
home to our youthful days:
we come to share our joyful thanks,
and bring to God our praise.
10. God's Grace
(A tribute to John Wesley)
Kilmarnock God's grace, it warms the heart within,
the spirit it sets free
from ever searching for the truth,
to worship joyfully.
11. Centennial Hymn Rustington Lord, we celebrate the history
that has brought us to this place,
and we celebrate the mystery
of God's deep abiding grace.
12. Aldersgate Sunday Austria Lord, we thank you, that your Spirit
wrestles long and hard with us:
seeking to awake our spirits
to a life of faith and trust.
13. Celebration of New Buildings St. Denio God, grant us a blessing on your church on earth:
be present among us on this special day.
As we in this service mark what we have built,
assist us to follow your blueprint, we pray.
14. Church Celebrations To God Be The Glory We thank you, we bless you, for worshippers past,
who founded this church on a faith built to last.
Their creed was so simple: their vision to see
the church in the marketplace, this church would be.

15. World Communion Sunday Sheltered Dale Great God, whose love enfolds us all,
in any time and place:
we pray this day for all the world,
whatever creed and race,
that they may feel your strong embrace,
and so, great God, may we.

16. All Loving God, We Come to You Melita All loving God, we come to you
and pray for peace on earth this day:
that wars may cease, aggression fail,
and tyranny no more hold sway.
17. God of the Ages Past Diademata God of the ages past,
we praise your loving care
that circles round this world of ours
at all times, everywhere.
Fun Songs for Children and Youth

18. The Noah Song

This Old Man

God looked down, saw the land
Things were not as God had planned
Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard:
built the ark in their back yard.
19. Jesus called Disciples Riding down from Bangor Jesus called disciples
Peter, James and John:
"Come and join my mission
there's lots going on."
20. Jesus,Teach Me Gentle Jesus
Jesus, hear me as I pray:
give me strength to face this day.
Show me what I have to give:
Jesus, teach me how to live.
21. Martha, Martha Jesus Loves Me
(Chorus omitted)
Martha, Martha, rushing round,
cooking, cleaning, bustling sound:
guests are coming, Jesus too,
must be ready, much to do.
22. He Loves Me So Jesus Loves Me Loving and giving,
Joyfully living,
Always forgiving:
I 'II try to be like him.
Commitment and Discipleship

23. Fill Our Sails

Fill Our Sails

Fill our sails, wind of God,
launch us forth upon the sea:
let us take the voyage of life,
face the journey yet to be.
24. God of All Beauty Bunessan God of all beauty, God of creation;
giver of sunshine, rain from above:
maker of mountains, rivers and rainbows;
all of our bounty comes from your love.
25. The Light of the World The Ash Grove In this world of darkness,
in stress-filled and bad times:
in tragic and sad times,
our faith can take flight.
26. Living Water Supplication
Living water, wellspring vast,
reservoir from ages past:
let me come and drink my fill;
baptise me to do your will.
27. Father Forgive Us Hymn to Joy Loving God, we pray, forgive us
for the wreckage we have made
of your handiwork so awesome,
in its beauty here displayed.
28. Faith is in the Following St Catherine
Not with intellectual sermons,
nor with deep theology
Jesus called his first disciples
with a simple 'Follow me'.
29. I Cannot Hear You Calling Me Londonderry Air O God, my guide, I cannot hear you calling me
in all the noise and turmoil of today.
When life is ruled by microchip technology,
it's hard to find a quiet time to pray.
30. You Have Given Us So Much What a Friend
Source of life, our great Creator,
you have given us so much:
time and talents, love and laughter,
sight and sound and scent and touch.
Social Justice

31. Mission Song

There's a Light

Come pursue a mission journey,
hand in hand, and heart with heart:
God's transforming love will guide us,
as the Scriptures play their part.

32. The Endless Millions Morning Light
They stand in endless millions,
by life's disasters tossed:
the poor, the sick, the starving,
illiterate and lost.
33. We Give Thanks Blaenwern
What a Friend
We give thanks, O God, creator,
for our lovely native land:
mountains, rivers, lakes and forest,
roaring seas and golden sand.
34. Who'll Stand as Christ Today Diademata Who'll stand as Christ today
against a world of strife?
Who'll heal and help and serve and love
and give someone new life?
Worship and service

35. Faith, Hope, Love

Faith, Hope, Love

Faith is God's creation planted in our hearts:
source of inspiration, faith our journey starts.
Faith in God, Creator, faith in Christ, the Son:
faith in Holy Spirit, God, the Three in One.

36. Lord of All Ellers Lord of all space, all constellations vast,
we stand amazed at your creative task:
the stars, the sun, the moon, and this fair earth,
your glory show in their celestial birth.
37. Church People Morning Light The church is made of people called to a life of faith:
our task to be disciples, be fools for Jesus' sake.
The church is made of people called to a pilgrim way:
who seek for clues and insights from Jesus day by day.
38. God Calls Us Regent Square Worship, faith, belief and action,
let these mark our lives this day:
worship that inspires, uplifts us,
faith that takes risks on life's way.
39. To Serve All My Days Land of my Fathers To live out this day, Lord for you, now, come what may:
let this be my prayer at the dawn of the day.
When I face the world, where demands may not be fair,
may I act in love and with grace.
Times and Seasons

40. Wedding Hymn

Hymn to Joy

Celebrate this glad occasion,
friends and family close at hand.
May the bridal couple know this:
we support them, with them stand.
41. Give Thanks Sheltered Dale Give thanks, deep thanks, for this new day,
an offering from the Lord:
as new experiences come our way,
they're ours to be explored.
42. God of Ages Repton Great God, of ages back in time,eternal with us now;
the years we measure by that sign:
Emmanuel, born of your design,among us long ago,
among us long ago.
43. All My Seasons All of Thee I first learned of you in childhood
;saw you in the sky above,
your creation in the sunrise,
trees and lakes and lofty mountains:
Holy Spirit and Pentecost

44. Send Us Your Spirit


Send us your spirit. Lord, just like a bushfire,
burn all our hatred, destroy all our greed.
Separate us from our secular comfort:
focus our minds on a world full of need.
45. Spirit of God Spirit of God
Spirit, creative power, source of each sun, each star,
Spirit of God, brood o'er the waters face,
act with creative grace, order, chaos replace,
Spirit of God.
Lent and Easter

46.Come Again among Your People

Westminster Abbey

Christ, who loved the little children,
friend alike of rich and poor;
Christ, who rode into the city
to the crowd's triumphant roar:
47. Mary's Song Winchester New My Lord, my Master, can it be
that you have risen from the grave?
Someone has rolled the stone away,
an angel stands before the cave.
48. Hosanna Penlan The children sing hosanna
in voices strong and sweet.
They cut the green palm branches
and strew them in the street.
49. Two Crosses Two Crosses
Winchester New
The cross that once on Calvary's hill
an anguished broken body bore,
sheds light, stands bright in our night sky,
on this Pacific southern shore.
Christian Unity

50. May They Be One

May They Be One

'May they be one,' this was his word, his plea.
Strengthen the bonds, the links of unity,
so that the world might see, and seeing know
deep, true communion, from our faith can flow.
Blessings and Benedictions

51 to 55. Five Blessings

It Passeth Knowledge
German Folk Song
Regent Square
St. Denio
Morning Light

51. Dear Saviour, bless us as we go our way:.........
52. Go with us, Lord Jesus, as we leave today:........
53. Walk with us, we pray, Lord Jesus,....................
54. O Lord, give your blessing on all here today.......
55. Walk with us, dear Lord Jesus, into this brand new week:...
Evening Blessings

56 to 58. Evening Blessings

Laudate Dominum
Near the Cross

56. As daylight fades and night is drawing on,.........
57. Lord, grant us your peace as we go our way:....
58. Jesus, be with me this week in my daily living...
Processionals for Special Occasions

to 63. Processionals


or Ashton Gate


or Ruthdon
59 Love and peace, child of God, on your baptismal morning:
60 Risen Lord Jesus, the light of your people:
61 Risen Lord Jesus, give us your blessing:
62 Go with us, Lord, throughout this Christmas tide-
63 Sing Hosanna, Alleluia!