"Much of Bill's work explores and dwells in 'the mystery'-that of the divine which connects us to one another, creation, and the Divine-self. Then just as we are resting in that fulfilling place of peace and sureness, Bill jolts us into a place of reality-pulling us into our own context and challenging us into transforming actions of justice, compassion, and hope. As Bill has said 'the sounds of heaven are the songs of the earth.' I want to commend this book to all who are serious about nurturing spirituality and the Christian expression of faith in creative ways through the 2Ist century."

Margaret E. Hamilton, an ex-president of Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa-The Methodist Church of New Zealand

"Not only do Bill's hymns highlight the suffering of the poor but the beauty of the lyrics and music can sensitize many people to essential aspects of the Gospel."
Father Gustavo Gutierrez, liberation theologian and Peruvian priest.

"Bill Wallace catches the words that we want to say in worship in poetic ways, that meld both meaning and mystery."
Jan Cormack, former General Secretary of the Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand

"Bill Wallace stands in the tradition of singers of mystic hymns. He explores the frontiers of spirituality, but his hymns are not esoteric. They speak to the mystic in each of us."
Brother David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B. < >

"Traditionally God was up and we were down in every sense of the word. Prayer was an attempt to communicate across the gap. But God is much more than the answer to a question or a request, God in fact is the mystery behind all definitions. This God is with us when we dance, rejoice, despair, or cry. This is a God concerned for the safe care of the world's environment and angry when we feed some and starve others. This is a dangerous God to follow but this is the God Bill Wallace wants us to sing about and journey with."
The Right Reverend Sir Paul Reeves, former Anglican Archbishop and former Governor General of Aotearoa/New Zealand

"The texts of The Mystery Telling are ancient truths of faith clothed in fresh new language, exhibiting modern understanding of depth psychology and spiritual development. The music is easily learned by congregations of all sizes; it is a mixture of singable new compositions and well-loved old tunes set to new texts. In this collection congregations will find the shining presence of the Spirit!"
The Rev. Kathy Wonson Eddy, United Church of Christ, Pastor and Composer, Vermont USA

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