The creation of this book has been a cooperative project in­volving the musical talents of the composers and arrangers and especially of the musical advi­sor Graham Hollobon. The literary advice of Elizabeth Gordon and the assistance of metricist Michael Forster have also been important. Valuable theological dialogue has taken place with people such as Margaret Mayman, Clare Brockett, Kim and Lola Bathgate, Anne Olsen and Tatjana and Murray Parsons. My lyrics have been greatly enhanced by the work of the follow­ing composers: Alison Carey, Taihei Sato, the late David Childs, Richard Madden, the late Francis Den­nis, Carol Spain, and Fritz Baltruweit; and also by those who have arranged my own melodies Graham Hollobon, Suzanne Lennon, Alison Carey, Robert Perks, and Judith Thornley. I would also like to express my gratitude to artists Anne Lamont-Low, Moragh Brooksbank, Peter Baillie, the Napier Anglican Cathedral Choir and the Napier Civic Choir together with the work of recording technician Mike Clayton for their contributions to the MP3s accompany­ing this collection. The CD from which the MP3 sound files have been created contains hymns from The Mystery Telling Vol 1 together with other hymns which I have written. APRA should be informed if any of the MP3 files are to be used for commercial purposes or for public performance. Access to the appropriate MP3 is obtained by clicking on the music note icon which appears against some of the index listings.

I wish to thank David Schaap of Selah Publishing for his encouragement and coop­eration in making this publication possible.

Lastly I would like to express my grateful thanks to the Methodist Publishing Board for their willingness to place THE MYSTERY TELLING on their website, to the PAC Media and Communications Endowment Fund for financial assistance and to the web-master Alec Utting for the many hours of voluntary work which he spent on this project. A big thank you to them all.

It is my hope that the value of these people's work will become apparent to all who read The Mystery Telling.

Bill Wallace, Christchurch, New Zealand. 2001

Amended 2011

To Barbara, my wife, for her support and stimulation and to my children, step children, grandchildren and step grandchild, Alison, Liz, Alastair, Michael, Monica, Liza, Miro, Ewen, Finlay, Theodora and Esme all of whom have contributed to the person that I currently am.

CM common meter (86 86)
CMD common meter double
LM long meter (88 88)
para. paraphrased by
SM short meter (66 86)

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