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Are you ready to respond?

Keeping our heads when business is 'unusual'

The Church is seeking thoughts and ideas about becoming Ready, and what this might mean to you and all the varied groups and committees within our Connexion.

Events are happening to us; anytime, anywhere

The shooting events of March 15 in Christchurch have left us with heavy hearts. The breadth and number of events that we are having to respond to increases. In addition to the fatal March shootings, in the last 12 months we have had: 

•      theft from our op shops

•      fires

•      earthquakes

•      health epidemics (Measles! and flu etc)

•      our admin and other lone workers being accosted

•      landslides

•      injuries from ladder-falls

•      power cuts

•      weather events (flooding, tornados, snow)

•      gas explosions (thanks Christchurch)

•      need we continue?

Stuff happens and it is unpredictable as to when and where it will happen.

What past lessons have shown us

Within the the Methodist Church of New Zealand there have been some truly outstanding responses to adverse events, and also some episodes where things could have been done differently to achieve better outcomes.

•      We need to learn what to do when incidents occur

•      We respond better to events we have practiced for

•      We should share events and responses throughout the Connexion

•      Information is contained in isolated pockets, making seamless processes difficult to stitch together

•      We have different levels of knowledge or abilities to respond.

When we are unprepared for events we can feel overwhelmed, we can even be left feeling like someone has ripped our world apart. We need to challenge silence, inaction, and acceptance of the status quo.

What does a Ready Church 'look' like for you?

Please consider this for yourself and then discuss among your congregation, your parish, your committee(s), and your synod as we consider making the Methodist Church Ready:

•      Describe what a Ready Church might look like for you

•      Commit to getting ready, practicing readiness and reviewing your readiness

•      Consider the alternates to not being Ready

•      Determine what you might need from the Connexion.

Please provide feedback of your discussions to, or use the online/feedback forms below. Thank you.

Further information
Click here to download - Discussion Paper
Click here to download - Feedback form for handwritten a response
Click here to download - Feedback form (Microsoft Word). Type directly into this document then email to
Click here to open online Feedback form

Further information will be added as we learn more of what the Connexion thinks on this topic.

Thank you for getting involved!