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Welcome to Methodist Conference 2007

Wesley Church, Taranaki Street, Wellington

November 2 – 7

The Conference theme this year is “He Ora Rere Ke, He Ora Ka Rere Ke – Living with Difference – Making a Difference”.

Our hope is that Conference 2007 will not merely help us to live more adequately with our own internal differences but enable us to be a more significant presence where it really counts: in God’s wider world.

To that end, a number of external as well as internal resource people will help inspire us, challenge us and lead us on to make well informed decisions.

Jeanette Fitzsimons, Co-Leader of the NZ Greens Party will give us a strong lead on the Friday night (8 pm) with an address entitled: “Living within the Limits of Creation”.

Others will contribute to the Interest Groups on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and the Rev’d Dr Neil Darragh, Principal of the Catholic Institute of Theology, will lead us further into “Gospel and Culture”, the topic for theological discussion on the Tuesday evening.

Services and celebrations will of course be an important part of Conference 2007.

Following the Powhiri (welcome) on Saturday (10 am) at Wesley Church, we will honour the lives of those who have died in the past year, and move into the Conference Induction Service at 1 pm. The Ordination Service and reception into Full Connexion is on Sunday 10 am at Wesley Church, our main Conference venue.

We look forward to a Conference of deep inspiration and togetherness, critical reflection and sound decision making.

Following Conference we are available to go anywhere for almost anything! We particularly want to visit congregations and areas that may not have had a President or Vice President visit in recent years, rural or urban. Our particular specialties are:


· Community Engagement: finding again our role in wider society. Involves a theology for community engagement rather than just community facing and an underpinning belief in the community as the Kingdom of God.

· Linking the Local and Global: the world as parish with a particular concern in the Pacific and Asia.

· Gospel Justice in Aotearoa: the “Jesus Manifesto” for our favoured country. Towards a more Treaty based, inclusive and Good News Society for all.

· “That They May Be One”: the Gospel call to unity and the Church’s responsibility.


· Bioethics: the church's responsibility to make an informed response to the challenges of new technology.

· 'Care for creation': the gospel call to live in harmony with the created world, rather than regarding earth's resources as ours by right.

· Creating liturgy.

· Theological response to change and challenge

In short, we hope that the inspiration and momentum of Conference 2007 will help fuel and fire the whole Church for a dynamic 2008.

Yours in Christ,

Brian Turner Barbara Peddie
(President-Elect) (Vice President-Elect)


The Rev’d Brian Turner, and Dr Barbara Peddie, both of Christchurch, were elected by Conference as President and Vice President Elect at Conference in 2006. They were inducted at the 2007 Conference in Wellington on Saturday 3rd November. Ex President John Salmon and Ex Vice-President Mary West conveyed the support and affirmation of the Church to Brian and Barbara.