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Other Forms

Until such time as full guidelines are written, various forms shall be stored here as they are officially made available. They will be available with only the instruction that is contained within them.

Risk Register  Police Vetting
Vulnerable Children,
Youth and Young Adults
How to Trespass First Aid  Sample Health and Safety Policy
09 Oct 2020
 Sample Room Hire (incl. Health and Safety)  Working at Height
01 Oct 2020

Please contact Trudy Downes if you need any other forms or if you require further information on what is available.
Mob: 027 457 4196

Risk Register Form 

  •  Register attached for excel/computer based use only. It isn't yet sized for printing and filling in by hand. Designed for colour printing.
  • hold your mouse over the cells with the red triangles in the top right corner and the instructions for the column will pop up.
  • The key point of this form is to assess the risk AFTER the control is in place.  Lots of people make the mistake of saying "I have added one control, therefore the problem is fixed" without evaluating whether that one control truly fixes the problem.
  • An exaggerated example has been entered into the register. Overtype it to get rid of it.



Methodist Alliance have a Child Protection Policy for your parish to implement
CLICK HERE to go to the Child Protection Policy

Mission Resourcing have a police vetting policy for presbyters, lay workers and volunteers, and they handle all police vetting for the Methodist Church.
CLICK HERE to go to the Mission Resourcing website
CLICK HERE to go to the Mission Resourcing Police Vetting Page


How to Trespass & Procedure to Lodge with Police - Written and Verbal 
Trespassing someone from your premises is obviously a last step, taken to firstly protect our people and lastly our property.  This form is a Best Practice Guidance from the NZ Police.

WorkSafe guidelines
All workers must be provided with first aid facilities, equipment and access to first aiders. 

This fact sheet outlines what you must do to make sure workers have the right first aid resources for the work they do.

09 Oct 2020

Sample Policy
This is a "top level" policy document.
Work through with your parish council as to what works. Delete or amend what doesn't work.
Only keep those items that apply to your parish.
For this document to work and be relevant, the policies you include must be achievable.

Please contact Trudy if you require a further level of detail for any item/s.


Room Hire - Agreement
This is a generic form. Care needs to be taken as to office hours vs after hours evacuation plans (would yours change if there were staff in the building at the time of evacuation?).

Please contact Trudy if you have any feedback on this form.


Working at height
 This guideline is a supporting document to any tasks you may have which require working at height. It will be submitted to MCPC in October 2020 for their endorsement.

Please contact Trudy if you have any feedback on this form.