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Incident Reporting and Investigation  


It's unrealistic to expect we will always be 100% healthy and safe. Injuries, illnesses, incidents and near misses can - and do - happen. It's important that when they do happen, we take the time to review and learn from them.

Depending on the nature, severity and complexity of the incident, learning from an incident might be as simple as chatting to people afterwards so you can all try to figure out what went wrong - and what can be done about it.

A more formal way to do this would be to keep an incident register and to use it as part of your in-parish/in-house follow-ups.

All councils and other governing boards and committees need to ensure a reporting process is available for all of their people, and that all of their people are aware a reporting process is available!

·     Guidelines to report, investigate and register: near misses, incidents, accidents and events where no one was harmed. 

Incident Report Form 
·      Designed to print 2 to a page and then cut the page in half.
·      Form captures the what/when/who/where and sets up the conversation to avoid future occurrences.
      Online Incident Report

Incident Investigation Form
·     For investigating
- A major incident (ensure it can't happen again)
- A repeat incident (we didn't learn the first time?)
- An issue that was fixed already (fix failure)
- An unknown cause (find the root cause and fix it)
- A 'notifiable' event (WorkSafe notifiable)
·     Send a completed copy of this form to 
·     Remember to include photos please!

Notify WorkSafe of Major Incidents

·      Always phone 027 457 4196 in the first instance, and inform the Connexional team who will assist you

      CLICK HERE for WorkSafe's "What events need to be notified"
      CLICK HERE for WorkSafe's online notifications, or
      CLICK HERE for WorkSafe's notification form, or
Phone WorkSafe on 0800 030 040

Incident register   
·      Log all incidents. Analysis can be carried out over time to assess for incident trends and fixes.