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Conversations about a Future Church

The Conversations


#2 Learn, reflect and project. How might church and parishes change into the future?

We discuss the challenging question from the Future Church Different Church Ready Church Conversation:


How do we work with parishes and the ministers lay and ordained to learn, reflect and project how the church and parishes might change into the future?

For example:

  • Where does virtual church fit for the future parish? Should it be part of our future mission opportunity?
  • How could we be a church that is prepared? That becomes central to our culture, of being prepared and being engaged with the world that we are prepared to respond and engage in a good news sort of way.


Rev Tony Franklin-Ross will be joining the panel as we explore the way forward. Read about Tony here.

#1 Future Church, Different Church, Ready Church
Listen to the conversation! (9 July 2020)

As this is our first ever Webinar, please excuse the technical glitches.

Do you ever think about what Aotearoa has been through in the last year?

The last two years? The last decade?

Shootings, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruption, Measles, Floods, Fires, Disease outbreaks, Gas explosions, a Pandemic and Toilet paper shortages.

"It will never happen here" no longer applies!