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Here are some points to consider if you are thinking of an AED Unit for your building AED Signage


  1. Risk factors
    Age of congregation and visitors, and the type of activities they do during the week (i.e. their work place; is it a high stress environment? Do they eat well? exercise regularly?), the types of activities that are undertaken at your church (exercise classes, martial art classes).

  2. The public; do other community groups use your Church, Church Hall/building premises?
    Visitors on site and public foot traffic equates to an increased risk of someone (other than your Church members) going into cardiac arrest on or near your church.

  3. How many other AED Units are around you? 
    Check on: Even in city and urban areas it takes St John Ambulance 4 – 12 minutes to respond to a cardiac arrest. Do nothing in the first 5 minutes, and that person will die. Having an AED onsite, and accessible within that first 5 minutes improves survival rates by 50% or more.

  4. How many AED Units? 
    Ideally everyone should within a 3 minute "walk" away from the nearest AED Unit. Take into consideration stairs, security doors, and any other obstacles; in an emergency they need to be able to retrieve it and return within 5 minutes.

  5. Where do you place an AED, if you buy one? 
    Your AED needs to be easy to access. If possible in an open area, clearly signed posted (in an AED Cabinet). It must be in a space where it can be seen and heard, and available for both speedy accessibility and maintenance. 

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