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Why wear face masks at Alert Level 1?

August 2020

On 11 August a community transmitted COVID-19 case was announced in Auckland. Two days later a Dominion Road Church member also tested positive after attending church four days earlier.

  We want to keep our people safe.  
November 2020


Public health experts highlighted that in the prior four months we have had one border failure every two weeks. As masks help keep our team of 5 million safe from community transmissions of COVID-19, from Thursday 19 November the Government mandated that face coverings be worn:

  • on all public transport to, from and through Auckland
  • on domestic flights throughout New Zealand
  • by Auckland taxi and ride-share drivers (while it's not compulsory for passengers to wear them, they are strongly encouraged to)
   This is why the Methodist Church recommends everyone attending Auckland
   church services and events should wear a face mask
Click here for MCNZ Advisory dated 20 November 2020
What is the Government's legislation trying to achieve?
The Government is seeking to reduce the chance of potential COVID-19 carriers in the city with the most isolation/quarantine facilities and the most front line workers, from spreading the virus via their droplets in public places, such as multi-person transport areas.  
 Quarantine and isolation facilities per city            












What is MCNZ's recommendation trying to achieve?    

    1. To continue our usual activities, with an increased response in our Auckland churches where certain activities including singing and group prayer, create greater potential for COVID-19 to spread via droplets.
    2. To ensure that everyone stays safe particularly over the Christmas period when there is increased travelling and mingling.
    3. To prepare people for further possible Government mandates regarding wearing face masks.

What should parishes do?

Parishes within Auckland should be looking at how to minimise the potential spread of COVID at their services. Face masks are one of the best options, but may not suit everyone. The solutions need to fit the parish members!

Parishes outside of Auckland should start having face mask conversations now.

Click a question for answers
Why Auckland? What about the rest of
New Zealand?
What do face masks do? 
Will people still come to church?  Why, if we are only a small congregation? Is it compulsory? 
We are conscientious,
why do more?
What about socialising after service? Can we choose what suits
our situation?
How do we meet our variety of pastoral needs? Will mask wearing be long term? Will we be directed to wear masks?
What if wearing masks creates issues? Should hearing aids be removed to wear a face mask? Masks are hot, how can we fix it?
 How do we see speaker's facial expressions?  Face masks for other building user groups?  What about Christmas Day or New Year's Eve services? 
What if people don't bring their own? How long will we have to do this for?  How should face masks be worn?

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