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04 Mar 21
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            Updated: Tuesday 12 October  2021 

Current Alert Levels
12 Oct 2021
Need Support?  Mandatory Vaccines 
12 Oct 2021
Face Masks 
Contact Tracing

Current Alert Levels as at Tue 21 September 2021

Latest Advisory 21 Sept 2021

Northland stays at Alert Level 3 until at least 11.59pm Thursday 14 October
Auckland stays at Alert Level 3, Step 1  until at least 11.59pm Mon 18 October
Waikato stays at Alert Level 3 until at least 11.59pm Thursday 14 October

The rest of New Zealand is at Alert Level 2 and allowed 100 people at indoor gatherings.

Changes to the Church's physical distancing response have been modified due to Siouxsie Wile's advice from the webinar held 20 September 2021. See the above advisory notice.


We got this!  Look after each other!

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Need Support?

As New Zealand goes into Alert Level 4 lockdown please ensuring you take time to look after yourself. 

If you need support there is always people to talk to... 

More wellness options

Mandatory vaccinations - health & education

High-risk workers in the health and disability sector will need to have had their first dose by 30 October 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 1 December 2021.

School and early learning staff and support people who have contact with children and students will need to have had their first dose by 15 November 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.

How this will affect the Church is still under review.

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Face Masks at Alert Level 2

The Government has made mandatory changes to when face masks must be worn at Delta Alert Level 2.

This has changed to include when you are inside public areas such as churches.

The Methodist Church continues recommending wearing face masks throughout entire church services, or when you are with other bubbles when carrying out church business.

Exemptions to this recommendation:
   •  People unable to wear masks
   •  The person leading the service

Please continue maintaining a physical distance of 1 metre with other bubbles.

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Contact Tracing

The Government has made mandatory changes to Contact Tracing which apply from 11.59pm Tuesday 07 September 2021

We will be required to take steps to ensure a people can easily make a record when they visit.

If you are in charge of a location or event, you legally must make sure you have safe and secure systems and processes in place so that everyone working on or visiting your premises can scan in or provide their details in an electronic or paper-based manual process, no matter how long they are there for. This includes workers, contractors, customers, and volunteers.

You must have more than one way for people to record their visit, especially for people who are not able to scan QR codes.

Your system for recording customers and visitors can include:

  •   asking people to scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer app
  •    recording your customers' and visitors' details manually
  •    providing paper forms for customers and visitors to fill in with their details and place in a collection box
  •    using your existing record-keeping systems, such as swipe-card access or appointment bookings.

You still need to continue displaying your QR code poster even if you are not required to collect customer records.

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