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            Updated Thursday 04 March 2021 

Current Alert Levels Contact Tracing Face Masks Holy Communion
04 Mar 2021
Review  time

Current Alert Levels as at Monday 01 March 2021

Auckland, Wellsford to Pukekohe – Alert Level 3.

The remainder of New Zealand – Alert Level 2.
The Alert Levels will be in place for 7 days from Feb 28 February 2021.

Click here for Locations of interest

The locations of interest will also tell you what to do and, if and when you need to get tested.

Stay home if you're sick
Practise good hygiene
Keep scanning those QR codes
Be kind
We got this!     

A pre-service power point has been created to help inform people why contact tracing is important. Click Here.

Weekly video updates from the Connexional Office are available CLICK HERE

Contact Tracing

We strongly recommend the ongoing use of registrations or some other form of knowing who attends our buildings.

Even though attendance registers are not mandatory at Alert Level 1, recent events have taught us that knowing who was at our services allows us to keep those people informed quickly if COVID-19 comes to church too.

  • Take a photo of everyone
  • Take a video of everyone
  • Keep your contact lists up to date
  • Have a sign in sheet
  • Have an attendance slip drop box            

Know who was there!

A pre-service power point has been created to help inform people why contact tracing is important. Click Here.

Further information: Contact Tracing CLICK HERE 


Face Masks

Face masks are recommended to be worn wherever physical distancing cannot be guaranteed in public spaces, such as public transport and shops.

We encourage continuing caution.                                 

Alert Level 2

You should wear face coverings in situations where physical distancing is not possible, like in shops. It is mandatory on shared transport (see above).

The Methodist Church of New Zealand expects that people from multiple bubbles in a vehicle for a Church event or Church business will also wear a face mask. 

As the Government encourages us to wear face coverings in public spaces like shops, the Methodist Church of New Zealand also encourages all locations to wear face coverings in services and at Church events. Let us take extra care to look after each other.

Alert Level 1

Masks compulsory on public transport in Auckland and domestic flights across NZ

From this Thursday 19 November, masks must be worn on all public transport into, out of and through the Auckland region and on domestic flights throughout the country.

Auckland Uber and taxi drivers will also be required to wear face coverings, and while it's not compulsory for their passengers to wear them, it is strongly encouraged.

Children under the age of 12 will be exempt, as will people with certain medical conditions. 

Students will not need to wear masks on school buses, but drivers will be required to.
As of Thursday 17 November, the Methodist Church of New Zealand also recommends that people in Auckland from multiple bubbles sharing a vehicle for a Church event or Church business will also wear face masks.

There are new rules around wearing face masks
At Alert Level 1, face coverings legally must be worn:

  • on all public transport to, from and through New Zealand - including on long-distance bus and train journeys, as well as ferries
  • on domestic flights throughout New Zealand
  • by taxi and ride-share drivers - while it's not compulsory for passengers to wear them, we strongly encourage you to.

In addition the Methodist Church of New Zealand recommends people wear face masks at Auckland church services and events. 

This stance is more than is mandated by Government but we want to keep our people safe.
Click here to read more about 'Why wear face masks at Alert Level 1?'.

Please take care of our at-risk people.

Further information: Face Masks CLICK HERE       
                                    Government Covid-19 Face coverings webpage 
                                    Face masks at Church - Webinar           


Holy Communion

Later this year Faith and Order will be reflecting on the experiences of communion during the different Alert Levels and lockdowns from the past year.

Things for consideration include:

  • Online communion and including everyone regardless of technology ability levels
  • The forms of communion during this time as performed by our fellow Churches

 We know that people have been celebrating communion in many different forms, until such time as Faith and Order have further guidance and advice to share with you, please follow the safe path in caring for yourself and for others.

The Methodist Church of New Zealand recommends only sharing in-person communion at Alert Level 1. 

For the weekend of 6 and 7 of March, this means that in-person Holy Communion is dependent on an Alert Level change to Level 1. 


Review Time

It is time to reflect on previous lockdowns to concentrate on what kept us well and healthy, what kept our Connexion functioning, and to review what we would improve if another lockdown is called by Government.    

What can be done better, what can be done easier? Here are some suggestions... have the conversation with people around you!

    - Need additional supplies? No need to strip the shelves! Maybe buy an extra item instead of just 1.
    - Any maintenance work need doing now by people outside of your bubble?
    - Check the condition of your walking shoes!
    - Do you have enough medicines for a lockdown?
    - Stock up on hobbies to keep yourself occupied (wool, books, timber etc)
    - Ensure you can structure your days if you need to

Neighbours, Family and Friends
    - Who should be in your household bubble?
    - What happened last time, what do we prepare for now?
    - Technology can be complicated. Ensure the technology helper has a photograph of the 
       tricky items (remote controls, radios, TVs) for those telephone calls
    - Who might need a bit more attention?
    - Are all your contact details current?

QR Codes
    - Are they still in place?
    - Are they easy to see?
Did you know the QR codes can be little and they still work!

The Connexional Office have small QR codes at every desk to help remind people to scan.
    - 20 small QR codes will fit on one A4 sheet, a code could be placed on the back of every seat in your worship room!
Working from home
    - Is your workstation still comfortable? Chair, desk, heights, foot/back supports...
    - Do you still have access to the information you need?                     
    - What needs improvement from last time?
    - Is your contact list up to date?
    - Ensure you can structure your work around home life!

Hand wash vs Hand Soap
    - Liquid soap and liquid hand wash are not the same thing
    - Soap is better than hand wash
    - Read labels to check what you are buying

Know your triggers
    - Lockdown can be socially isolating. Consider what you need to help keep yourself emotionally balanced.
    - Share the load! Set up your connections, you are not alone.
    - Make a telephone tree, create a phone call schedule.

Do you have suggestions of things to review? Contact