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Asbestos Management Plans

CLICK HERE for the Asbestos Policy(part of the Bricks & Mortar: First Edition May 2019)
CLICK HERE for Stage 1 Asbestos Management Plan(minimum, mandatory requirement)
CLICK HERE for help to create your Floor Plan

CLICK HERE for the Excel 3-Stage Asbestos Management Plan

CLICK HERE for Recommended Consultants to help you

Stage one: A general approach

•        Everyone can, and must complete stage one

•        We don't know what might contain asbestos

•        We won't touch anything and we will leave it to the professionals

Stage two: A more specific approach

•        Some building knowledge is needed to identify building materials

•        If you are unsure if a building material contains asbestos – then assume it does!

•        We do and don't know what might contain asbestos

•        We may touch the safe stuff but will leave the rest to the professionals

Stage three: An exact approach

•        When you are doing demolition, maintenance or other building works

•        Only for qualified, experienced, licenced contractors!

Remember to send a copy of each of your plan stages through to the National Register c/-:

See BRICKS & MORTAR: Everything you need to know to manage church property. First Edition May 2019
Asbestos management is part of the Asbestos Regulations from the HSWA 2015 .
Asbestos management affects how we manage our properties; we now need to consider asbestos when we alter, buy or sell buildings.