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Caring for Our People - Articles by Topic

Emergency Response Plans
Risk Management
Let the Children Live
Property and Building Maintenance
Caring for Mental Wellbeing
Learn about Health and Safety  
Lessons for the future          

Covid-19 Response Plan       

Title Source Date  Page
ALL Weekly Advisories - Tara Tautari and Trudy Downes Video   from Feb 2021 N/A
Life-saving actions    eMessenger Mar 2021  12
Actually, in church, COVID-19 safety is not all about vaccines  eMessenger  Feb 2021  9
Facemasks at Church - David Bush and Trudy Downes Webinar   Nov 2020  N/A
Covid Fatigue  Touchstone Nov 2020 7
Facemasks  eMessenger  Sep 2020  10
Dominion Tongan Methodist Parish - We got your back! Touchstone Sep 2020 1-2
Facemasks are a reality, and How to Facemask Touchstone Sep 2020 7
Rev. Setaita Taumoepeau Kinanoi-Veikune NZ Govt. via Hon Jenny Salesa MP Facebook Aug 2020 N/A
Reverend Setaita has got your back! Ministry for Pacific Peoples YouTube Aug 2020 N/A
Gatherings at Alert Level 1 Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel Touchstone Jul 2020 6
Covid-19 Snakes and Ladders eMessenger  Jun 2020  8-9
Balancing Rights and Protection under Covid-19 Ruby Manukia-Shaumkel Touchstone Jun 2020 9
Te Whanau a Apanui - Iwi Manaakitanga Touchstone Jun 2020 7
Contact Tracing App User Training Video MCNZ Vids Jun 2020 N/A
Level 2 Return to the Office eMessenger May 2020 12
Access to Justice and Government Action under Covid-19 Ruby Manukia-Shaumkel Touchstone May 2020 9
Covid-19 Vigilance and the Church Response Ruby Manukia-Shaumkel Touchstone Apr 2020 9
Coronavirus Life Hacks eMessenger Mar 2020 9-10 
So What's Happening? eMessenger Feb 2020 11 


Asbestos                                                         Asbestos Management Plans
Title Source Date Page
Asbestos Management Webinar
Aug 2021 N/A
Asbestos Regulations since 2016 eMessenger Feb 2020 11
Asbestos eMessenger Sep 2019 10
Things to Do eMessenger Mar 2019 13
Removing asbestos Touchstone Sept 2018
Asbestos Workshop eMessenger Sep 2018 14 
Asbestos... again!! eMessenger Aug 2018  17
Asbestos Management Plans eMessenger Jun 2018  15
Got an Asbestos Management Plan Touchstone May 2018  2
Asbestos again - Sorry... it has to be done eMessenger Apr 2018  14
Asbestos Management Plans Looming Touchstone Mar 2018  2
 Asbestos - the start of our journey eMessenger Dec 2017 12

Emergency Response Plans                                                Emergency Response Plan Templates

Title Source Date Page
Approved Evacuation Plans Webinar Oct 2021 N/A
Creating an Emergency Response Plan Webinar Sep 2021 N/A
Tell Us Your Story Touchstone 
 Apr 2021  7
ShakeOut 2020 eMessenger Oct 2020 13
Further Fire Lessons eMessenger  Sep 2020 10
Lessons - Fire eMessenger Aug 2020
Emergency Plans in Lockdown eMessenger Apr 2020 10
Shelter in Place Drills Touchstone  Mar 2020 7
Shake Out 2019 eMessenger Oct 2019 13
Measles - when the nephew came for a visit Touchstone Oct 2019 7
Measles and ShakeOut 2019 eMessenger Sep 2019  10-11
Do Not Resuscitate!, ShakeOut 2019 eMessenger Aug 2019   8-9
Defibrillators, a Fire Story, ShakeOut 2019 eMessenger Jul 2019  5, 10-11
Connexional Office "Lockdown" Drill YouTube Jul 2019 N/A
Shelter in Place eMessenger Jun 2019 10 
AEDs Save Lives  Touchstone Jun 2019 2
Defibrillators eMessenger May 2019  9
Things to Do - Incident Reporting, Emergency Response Plans eMessenger Mar 2019 12-13
Fire Drill a Big Success Rev Moi Kaufononga Touchstone Feb 2019 9
Emergency Response Teams  Touchstone Feb 2019 7
Got your emergency response plan? eMessenger May 2018  10


Risk Management                                      

Title Source Date Page
Incident Reporting Webinar Jul 2021 N/A


Let the Children Live                                       

Title Source Date Page
Child Law and Protection Ruby Manukia-Shaumkel Touchstone Apr 2021 9



Property and Building Maintenance                                        

Title Source Date Page
Working with Consultants and Contractors  eMessenger Oct 2020 12
Church roof caves in Rev I Boddy (What we don't want to happen!) Touchstone May 2020 2
Decorate Safely - Ladders, Lights and Flames eMessenger Dec 2019 10-11
Big Old Trees eMessenger Feb 2019 7


Caring for Mental Wellbeing

Title Source Date Page
Are you suffering from burnout? eMessenger   May 2021 13
Kia atawhai, Be kind eMessenger Apr 2021 11
Trudy's Philosophy for the month eMessenger Jul 2018 14
Trudy's tirade - what does health and safety mean to you? eMessenger Mar 2018 11
What is safe? Getting to ora, and pai. Touchstone  Aug 2019 7
How are you doing?  Touchstone  Jun 2019 7


Learn about Health and Safety
Title Source Date Page
Four year plan consultation eMessenger
Jul 2021 9
Property, Liability and Our Standard of Care Webinar Jun 2021 N/A
Riding a Dead Horse Touchstone   Jun 2021 7
Some Questions and Answers eMessenger
Jun 2021 10
Lessons from Whakaari eMessenger   Dec 2020 12
A Health and Safety Resource Available to you and your Parish  eMessenger Jul 2020 11 
Starting Health and Safety eMessenger May 2020 12
Parish Questions - Waikato/Waiariki Synod eMessenger Apr 2020 18
Church and Security Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel Touchstone Mar 2020 9
Workplace Wellbeing and the Law Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel Touchstone Oct 2019 10
The Importance of Health and Safety Ruby Manukia-Schaumkel Touchstone Jun 2019 10
Are we allowing our dedication to outweigh our safety expectations?  Touchstone Apr 2019 7
Smokefree! eMessenger Dec 2018 14 
My first Methodist Conference  Touchstone Nov 2018 7
Manaaki eMessenger Nov 2018  13
Health and Safety Survey eMessenger Jun 2018 14
Governance Groups and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015! eMessenger Feb 2018 9-10
Mapping the Church, and Pilot Programmes eMessenger  Dec 2017 11-12


Lessons for the Future
Title Source Date Page
How's your water? Touchstone Feb 2021  7
Exploring Future Church, Different Church, Ready Church Touchstone Aug 2020 4
Learn, reflect and project. How might church and parishes change into the future? Webinar  Aug 2020 #2
Future Church, Different Church, Ready Church Webinar Jul 2020 #1
The Taste of Words Touchstone Jul 2020 7
Ready Church - It's a Mindset eMessenger Nov 2019 12
Ready Church - Earthquakes eMessenger Oct  2019 11-12
Come summer, come swimming and all that it entails Touchstone  Dec 2019 7