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Caring for Our People Manaakitia a Tatou Tangata

Malo e lelei! Talofa lava! Bula! Goeie dag! Greetings! Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa!

The people called Methodist accept the challenge to do our utmost to Care for Our People Manaakitia a Tatou Tangata: ethically, morally, spiritually and legally. Through our active commitment to ensuring our parishioners, our employees, our volunteers, our Presbyters, Deacons and Lay Ministry, our clients and tenants, etc... Our People a Tatou Tangata, are safe, we will continuously look for opportunities to improve our methods and ways whilst still holding fast to our Methodist ethos.

Welcome to the page where health and safety information is available for you to help Care for Our People Manaakitia a Tatou Tangata.

2018 Health and Safety Baseline Survey

Here are the results from our first survey.

Thank you to those people that took the time to respond!

Click HERE to see the report.

Asbestos Management

The Methodist Church of New Zealand has a simple 3 stage asbestos management plan for everyone, and Stage 1 should be completed now if you haven't done yours already!

The aim of asbestos management planning is to ensure that we don't activate an asbestos risk; that we don't make asbestos dust that puts people at long term risk.

Remember to send your completed asbestos management stages through to the national register via

CLICK HERE to go to the Asbestos Management page

Emergency Response Plans

An emergency response plan is the "who does what" if something happens. Such as fire, earthquake, accident and so on.

Templates are attached for parishes/rohe, and for a small office.

Using the templates helps keep it simple but not all eventualities can be covered so the responses in the plan are the main ones. While every attempt has been made to make them easy to use, a certain level of knowledge with MS Word will be required.

Dec 2018 - All templates have been updated to align with the Fire and Emergency NZ Evacuation Regulations 2018.

CLICK HERE to go to the Emergency Response Plans page for copies of the Templates

Other Forms

Until such time as full guidelines are written, various forms shall be stored here as they are made available. Until the guidelines are written, the forms are available with only the instruction that is contained within them.

Please contact Trudy if you need any other forms or if you require further information on what is available.

CLICK HERE for more information

Current Caring for Our People Manaakitia a Tatou Tangata Programme

Aug-Oct 2018 Achievements

NZ Shakeout 2018
Asbestos Management Workshop Pilot
H&S Baseline Survey results available

Nov-Dec 2018

Asbestos Management Plans - Getting Started Roadshow started.  It's not as hard as you think!
Work starts on Caring for Our People booklet, including Working bees.

Future plans

Asbestos management and Caring for Our People a Tatou Tangata booklet will keep me busy for the next long while!
Unless of course, something else crops up on the radar!        


If you have queries on any of the above, or questions specific to your location, please contact:

Trudy Downes
Health and Safety Coordinator

for The Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa.
Mob: 027 457 4196