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Policies of the Methodist Lay Preachers Network (2005)

1. The Lay Preachers' Network (LPN) is the official body for dealing with the concerns of lay preachers in Methodist Churches and Uniting Churches with a Methodist component.

2. The LPN holds no possessions and connects through email

3. The LPN is facilitated by a small team of co-facilitators with a staggered term of office

4. The LPN has official representation at Synod (up to 2 on each, collectively called the Network Nucleus)

5. The LPN has official representation at Church Conference (currently 1 co-facilitator, would like 2)

6. The LPN encourages intentional commitment and accountability (certification and on-going training)

7. The LPN encourages parishes to value their LPs (recommend 3 –13 services per year)

8. The LPN maintains a data-base of certificated lay preachers

9. All certificated lay preachers should register with the LPN (onus on each LP to fill in the form)

10. All who register will be included on the official Methodist lay preacher lists

11. Certification is for life but practising is at the discretion of the local Parish Meeting

12. Active lay preachers are encouraged to keep 'upskilled' and be financial members of the NZLPA

13. LPs are encouraged to attend local and district training events for worship leaders

14. Current status of LPs should be confirmed annually to the Network (in December by presbyters)

15. Current Accredited, Active and Upskilled LPs are identified with an asterisk beside their listing

16. LPs should receive Long Service Certificates at 25, 40 and 50 years (presbyters to make application)

17. We advocate the recognition of Lay Preachers Sunday (2nd Sunday in August)

18. We advocate that Lay Preachers be reimbursed for travel beyond their home church

19. We do not seek payment for taking services. We see worship leading as a calling and our contribution to our church (parish/district). It is part of normal Christian commitment and of no greater value than lawn-mowing, cleaning, baking, teaching etc. However, if a parish wishes to reimburse its lay worship leaders it is a decision of that parish, and lay preachers are at liberty to accept or reject as they so feel.

20. We advocate that lay preachers who are currently Accredited, Active and Upskilled be entitled to an annual book allowance through the National Church. (recommend $100 to spend at Epworth Books)