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Welcome to the Methodist Lay Preachers Network

The Network connects and supports all those involved
in the ministry of Lay Preaching
and worship leading in Methodist and Co-operating Parishes

A Brief
Accredited Lay Preachers
Register 2021
Network Note
Annual Update Form
2020 - 2021
New Zealand
Lay Preachers Association

To register your accreditation for the first time, please use the current Update Form

How to become an Accredited Lay Preacher

  • The matter is discussed between prospective Lay Preacher and Presbyter.
  • The person is approved by the Parish as a Lay Preacher in Training. The Synod is notified.
  • The Lay Preacher in Training begins to assist with services and is supported into leading services.
  • Trinity College assesses any previous training and sets the course of academic study.
  • After taking the leading role in at least 10 services, the Lay Preacher in Training leads a service that is evaluated by an evaluation team of presbyter, lay preacher and member of the congregation. This is arranged by the Synod. After the service, the Evaluation Team may interview the Lay Preacher in Training and ask faith-related questions.

Completing the Process

  • The Evaluation Team presents their report to the Presbyter who takes it to the Leaders or Parish meeting.
  • If all is satisfactory the Lay Preacher in Training is declared 'accredited' by the Synod.
  • The Parish applies to the New Zealand Lay Preachers Association for a certificate (cost $25), using the official registration form.
  • The Certificate is presented in the home church.
  • The Lay Preachers Network is informed and the new Lay Preacher fills in a registration form.
  • The Lay Preacher's name is brought to Conference and included in the Year Book.

Mature and Experienced

The Church permits 'mature and experienced' accreditation if: 

  1. is a member 'of good standing' in the parish 
  2. has suitable theological understanding
  3. has been leading services for more than five years 
  4. has taken more than 10 services
  5. has led a successful evaluation service

Further Information:
Church website – Administration/leaflet 153 
Church Law Book - Section 1 10.10
The Lay Preachers Network contact Viv Whimster


Please contact Viv Whimster for Lay Preacher matters.