Vision Statement

That the Vision Statement be:

Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa - The Methodist Church of New Zealand is a Church:
- Passionate in its commitment to living out the love and grace of God known in Jesus Christ;
- Actively concerned with all life;
- Committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and to talking and walking justice.


To achieve this Vision the Church will:
- Focus its people and finance resources in order to be innovative with its available resources / stewardship in the life of the diversity of the Church.
- Empower the people to live out the Vision by establishing cost effective:

  • communication networks;
  • accessible education opportunities.

- Constantly evaluate its work against the Vision Statement.

Conference agreed that the Vision Statement and Strategy be accepted for use in 2003.

At its March meeting, Council of Conference agreed that the Vision Statement and Strategy have ongoing implementation in the life of the Church. As well as this Council of Conference are suggesting the following change to the Strategy Statement (bullet point 1):

Creatively focus its people, finances and resources in the life and Mission of the Church.