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1 JULY 2011

The All Churches Bureau has secured the use of Mobil Fuel Cards from FnF Fuels which will offer a more consistent discount to all fuel card holders.

This Fuel Card offer is open to anyone in the Methodist Church. You are therefore welcome to photocopy additional forms to give to others to join the Discount Fuel Scheme. Click HERE for a copy of the flyer.


There are two application forms to complete:

1) The 'CSC Buying Group Methodist Church Membership Agreement' click HERE. You need to complete this form in your own personal name and return it to the CSC Buying Group in Cambridge - their address is on page two of the application form.

2) The FnF Fuels 'Application for a Mobilcard' click HERE. This is an Application Form for your Mobilcard which includes a Direct Debit Form and information regarding the Mobil Fuel Cards. If you would like to take up the option of a Mobil Fuel Card, please complete both the Application Form and the Direct Debit Form, and return them both to SCS Buying Group also. They will pass them on to FnF Fuels for processing.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the forms please contact Renee Duplessis on 0800 438 383 or email click HERE for a sample of a completed set of forms.

Once your application has been processed you will receive from FnF Fuels, your new Mobil Card along with a Methodist FnF Fuels Customer Benefit Card which can be used at the retail outlets printed on the back of the card.


Purchases of fuel are charged to your Mobil Card and invoiced to you monthly. The monthly invoices will come directly to you from FnF Fuels Ltd and the direct debits will be processed by them on the 20th of the month.

Please note that the Connexional Office has ceased its involvement with the processing of fuel card invoices. It is therefore very important that you ensure the funds are in your bank account at the time the Direct Debit deduction is due.

NOTE: there are no card or processing fees associated with the Mobil Fuel Cards unless your Direct Debit is dishonoured.

For those of you who have Caltex cards, please note that from 8:00am on Friday 29 July 2011 all Caltex cards through the Methodist Church scheme will be cancelled.