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Panmure Tongan Methodist Church (Me'a'ofafungani) Sunday School 

There are about 14 Sunday School teachers and about 65 children.  These children are divided to 7 groups by their ages as per below;

Kindergarten from age 0-5

Class 1 from age 6-8

Class 2 from age 9-10

Class 3 from age 11-13

Class 4 from age 14-16

Class 5 from age 17-18

Class 6 from age 19+

The photos from our annual Sunday School Test which was held on 3rd December 2017. We have our own Tongan syllabuses for running our Sunday Schools all over New Zealand.  We run our Sunday Schools in Tongan as a way to teach our children our mother tongue as well as our culture.  At the end of the year we have the test and certificates are presented to the Sunday School children during our Christmas dinner at church.

The Let the Children Live grant was used to pay for our Syllabuses which are renewed every 4 years and fortunately we have this grant to pay for this year's ones as the syllabuses are new this year.  We usually asked our congregation to pay but this year we'll use the 'Let the children live' grant to pay for them.